Resources for Entrepreneurs

Inspiring books, awesome podcasts & more.

Learnings for Founders

These are learnings and beliefs, which should help you to be an even better entrepreneur.

1. Just start. Don't hesitate because your product is not perfect.
2. Give yourself the chance to experiment and learn from failures. At the end FAIL means: First Attempt In Learning.
3. Work with the best people—especially the ones who are better than you.
4. Try to focus on the most vital features of your product.
5. Always ask your customers what they want and solve their problem.
6. Never give up. Try to adapt to the market if something doesn't work out.

Books for Innovators

Business Model Generation

The best book I've seen out there to understand and develop new business models.

Zero to One

Must read for every young entrepreneur as well as for seasoned entrepreneurs.

Hacking Growth

Ever wanted to learn more about how to gain more users? Some answers are in this book.

Podcasts for Founders

How I built this with Guy Raz

Great stories about some of the most successful companies out there.

On the way to new work

Two seasoned German entrepreneurs exploring the new topic new work. 

OMR Podcast

All about online marketing with the Founder of the Online Marketing Rockstars.
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